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This clinic literally gave me my life back. I had spinal surgery to remove a bad slipped disc and I was home with 24 hours and fully recovered within a couple of months after some physio.

Amazing expert surgery, medical care and specialist post-operative physio. I was very worried about the operation but it felt like I was in 5 star hands the whole way. Thank you!

I suffered from excruciating pains for two months from my waist down to my right foot such that I couldn’t climb or descend stairs. I had an MRI and it was discovered that there was some impingement on my nerves.

I saw John Sutcliffe who referred me to Michael Hess who recommended a procedure that would remove the objects impinging on the nerves. The procedure was carried out the very next day and even while I was being taken to the recovery room I felt no pains at all.

The pains are completely gone. I’m grateful to Michael Hess for giving me my life back and to John Sutcliffe and the Secretary for arranging for me to have the procedure the very next day

Nigel Gildersleve, the physiotherapist with the London Spine Clinic is a highly effective therapist who has followed through with in-clinic treatment and a highly focussed exercise programme specifically tailored for me.

This followed a successful surgical procedure on a bulging disc performed by the brilliant Michael Hess, a surgeon described by his own colleagues at the Spine Clinic as a magician. And indeed he is!

Nigel regularly keeps in touch with Mr Hess in regard to my treatment and besides having the friendliest disposition is very industrious in carrying out his physiotherapeutic treatment, which has helped me enormously during the post surgical period.

I had an endoscopic discectomy with Mr. Hess last week and I cannot express enough how happy I am! For nearly a year I’ve been unable to move properly or stand up straight and already I am able to do both of those things. The relief is immense.

As for the hospital, it couldn’t have been better. I have been on an NHS waitlist for months and I couldn’t believe how quickly The London Spine Clinic got me in and how kind everyone was. I felt that I was in good hands.

Dr. Michael Hess is a brilliant surgeon! He knows how to listen, and he knows how to describe complicated stuff in simple terms. The endoscopic surgery he performed to fix a bulging disc in my lower spine worked out great.

I can walk without pain now. Thank you!

I would highly recommend Mr G Michael Hess. I found him very polite and extremely knowledgeable with a wide spectrum of understanding and empathy. I took my mother to see him for a second opinion, as she has been suffering with long standing severe lower back pain due to degenerative scoliosis, which we thought contributed to the pain radiating down the leg.

On examination, Mr Hess was able to identify that my mothers pain was twofold, and that the leg pain was not from her spinal issue but from a different source, which was overlooked by the consultants at the NHS. He was able to deal with the leg pain immediately, with a steroid injection, and over the next few hours my mother started to improve, and is now able to walk with minimal leg pain.

Please do not hesitate in seeing Mr Hess, he is able to think out of the box and sees the whole picture, rather than concentrating on a specific issue.

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