Mr Hess is speaking at the NSpine Conference 2021

Mr Hess is honoured to have been asked to speak at this year’s NSpine conference, taking place in July 2021 in Porto, Portugal. 

About NSpine

NSpine is a global spinal healthcare education organisation dedicated to amalgamating the latest research and surgical practice in the treatment of the spine. 

Healthcare professionals from across the globe involved in spinal care will meet at the conference in Porto, Portugal, where a comprehensive series of talks, workshops and networking events will allow colleagues to learn about the latest developments in the field, and share best practices in spinal treatments. 

Mr Hess’ Presentation

Mr Hess is excited to present the promising results of two clinical studies he has been leading about a nucleus replacement device. The device is CE-marked, but is currently not available in the UK. Even in the absence of a slipped/herniated disc, the disc itself can become the source of severe pain, when the nucleus has lost its load bearing capacity, so replacing the nucleus with an artificial one can offer excellent results.

The event promises to be an incredible learning and knowledge sharing experience again, and this year it is extra special, as it will be a proper face to face event…COVID-19 restrictions allowing!