Frequently asked questions

Back pain is complicated, and the diagnostic and treatment process can be too. Here we’ve answered some of the common questions we get from our patients.

Do I need a referral to book an appointment?

Mr Hess is happy to accept patients without a referral. If you’re paying for your own treatment this is fine, but if you would like to use your medical insurance, then you’ll still need to obtain authorisation to see Mr Hess and some insurers will require a referral before granting approval.

Does Mr Hess offer second opinions?

Absolutely. Sometimes a different perspective is useful to help find the solution you are after. If you’re unsure of the diagnosis you’ve been given or you’ve so far been unsuccessful in treatment, Mr Hess can offer a review of any previous scans, tests or treatments you’ve had. 

I am on a long NHS waiting list, can I be treated privately instead?

Yes, Mr Hess is happy to see you on a private basis if you are paying for yourself or if you are using medical insurance. If you have any previous scans it would be useful to see these too. Contact us to find out more. 

I have had scans elsewhere, can Mr Hess review them?

Yes, Mr Hess can review any imaging already undertaken either on the NHS or privately. He is happy to give a second opinion on previous spinal scans if you wish. 

Why is endoscopic surgery better?

Simply put, endoscopic surgery is minimally-invasive and compared to open surgery offers a huge range of benefits including less time in hospital, less pain, fewer risks and ultimately a better outcome for you as a patient.