Endoscopic Surgery

Endoscopic Surgery

Spine Surgery Evolved

Keyhole Surgery: how big is the key?

  • Smaller really is better for speedy recovery reduced
  • Endoscopic surgery is the smallest and least invasive possible

Comprehensive Endoscopic Surgery

  • One key does not fit every lock. Our operations fit your problem, not vice-versa
  • There are two endoscopic approaches to slipped disc
    “transforaminal” (from the side) and “interlaminar” (from the back).
  • Both are needed to allow the benefits of endoscopic surgery to almost all patients
  • May be preferable to open operation in selected difficult cases such as
    * Overweight patients
  • To our knowledge, InsightSpine is the only UK group able to offer this range of options

New Treatment in Experienced Hands

  • Endoscopic spinal surgery is new in the UK
  • Insight Spine have used endoscopic surgery for 13 years
  • Over 2500 cases have been treated

Comparison between Conventional and endoscopic access in patient who
required revision surgery.