Insight Spine was founded in 2015 by Mr G. Michael Hess in order to establish advanced spinal care and to offer minimal-invasive techniques in the UK. If you are living abroad or traveling: Michael is also fully licensed as orthopaedic surgeon in Portugal and Germany.
Michael is proud to be part of the London Spine Clinic, which was established in 1997 as the first private specialist spinal unit in England. Together the team of London Spine Clinic is able to offer the full range of spinal treatments – non-surgical and surgical – from physiotherapy and rehabilitation to reconstructive fusion and scoliosis surgeries.

Michael’s specialty is MISS: Minimal-invasive spine surgery. He is a pioneer in endoscopy and in nucleus replacement surgeries. In 2009 he was co-surgeon of the worldwide first full-endoscopic nucleus replacement surgery – with the implant still in place today and the patient doing great!

Insight Spine GmbH based in Munich is a fully certified (ISO 13485:2016 and MDR) manufacturer of endoscopic instruments. Our patented transforaminal burrs allow for a safe transforaminal approach and effective decompression.

Your Problems and how we can help
Back pain, Sciatica, Trapped nerve Slipped Disc, Disc Protrusion, Bulging Disc, Torn Disc, Black Disc: there are lots of words to describe the misery that a damaged intervertebral disc can cause.

Many cases settle with simple treatment, but if your pain has not, you might like to know that we provide new, proven, effective, patient friendly treatments.

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