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Insight Spine’s mission is to help patients with damaged spinal discs get back to the things they love as quickly as possible through advanced, pioneering endoscopic spinal treatments.

Insight Spine was founded in 2015 by Mr G. Michael Hess in order to establish advanced spinal care and to offer minimally-invasive techniques in the UK. If you are living abroad or travelling: Michael is also fully licensed as an orthopaedic surgeon in Portugal.

Michael is proud to be part of the London Spine Clinic, which was established in 1997 as the first private specialist spinal unit in England. Together the team of London Spine Clinic and The London Clinic is able to offer the full range of spinal treatments – non-surgical and surgical – from physiotherapy and rehabilitation to reconstructive fusion and scoliosis surgeries.

For patients in Kent, Mr Hess works at the excellent KIMS Hospital in Maidstone, which is well known in Kent for providing safe, outstanding quality care. At KIMS Hospital Mr Hess is supported by an incredible team of nurses, radiographers, theatre practitioners and physical therapists to provide a range of non-surgical and surgical treatments for severe back pain.

Your problems and how we can help

Back pain, Sciatica, Trapped nerve, Slipped Disc, Disc Protrusion, Bulging Disc, Torn Disc, Black Disc: there are lots of words to describe the misery that a damaged intervertebral disc can cause.

Many cases settle with simple treatment, but if your pain has not, you might like to know that we provide new, proven, effective, patient friendly treatments.

About Mr Michael Hess

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon & Director of InsightSpine

After graduating in Germany in 1995, G. Michael Hess trained in trauma surgery in St.Moritz, Switzerland and at the Spine Center at Orthopaedische Klinik Muenchen-Harlaching. He completed a fellowship in spinal surgery and interventional radiology at the University Hospital in Quebec City, Canada and was appointed Lead of the Back Pain Center at Orthopaedische Klinik Muenchen-Harlaching.

As Director of InsightSpine Mr Hess is offering a comprehensive spinal disc pain service at London Spine Clinic and KIMS Hospital Maidstone. For more than 15 years, Mr Hess’ main interest has been in endoscopic procedures where he has broad experience in several techniques and approaches. Mr Hess was co-surgeon of the worldwide first successful full-endoscopic nucleus replacement surgery in 2009 and is the chief investigator of an international multicentre study for a novel nucleus implant (not CE-marked, not available in the UK).

Mr Hess has a PhD in Orthopaedics, is the Past President of the German Interventional Spine Society (GIW e.V.), and served as Master Instructor for Spine Intervention Society (IPSIS, USA) from 2003 to 2021. Mr Hess is an internationally renowned expert in the field of minimally-invasive spine surgery and interventional pain therapy. He is lecturer of more than 200 scientific presentations and is invited worldwide as a guest surgeon.

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