“I went from being hardly able to walk to a full recovery”


If you have debilitating back pain, and other treatments haven’t helped you, Insight Spine might be the solution you need.

Mr Michael Hess’ unique, international experience and advanced, minimally invasive treatments mean you can recover faster, and get back to the activities you love more quickly.

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Recover faster, spend less time in hospital and enjoy a better outcome for the treatment of severe back pain.

If you’re experiencing severe back pain that’s affecting your ability to live life as you want to, its important to be seen by a specialist.

Mr Michael Hess is an internationally renowned orthopaedic spinal consultant offering advanced treatments for back pain, sciatica, trapped nerves and spinal disc problems such as slipped discs.

Mr Hess is dedicated to finding the most conservative and appropriate way to treat you. Mr Hess will always avoid surgery if possible, and sometimes injection therapy or even simply physiotherapy can be all that’s needed.

When surgery is the most appropriate option, Mr Hess is proud to offer advanced, minimally invasive techniques that mean faster recovery, less bruising and damage, and much better outcomes than traditional spinal procedures.

If you’re experiencing back pain and haven’t yet found a solution, an initial consultation with Mr Hess might be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Precision diagnosis

Finding the true cause of your back pain is essential. Mr Hess is exhaustive in his diagnostic process, and because of his unique expertise, is often able to find a solution where others have not.

Non-surgical treatment

Mr Hess can offer all kinds of interventional pain procedures in the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine and many patients will benefit from these non-surgical solutions.

Endoscopic surgery

For patients that do need surgery, Mr Hess offers minimally invasive, endoscopic spinal treatments. Simply put, this means faster recovery, less time in hospital and a better outcome for you.

“This clinic literally gave me my life back. I had spinal surgery to remove a bad slipped disc and I was home within 24 hours and fully recovered within a couple of months after some physio. Amazing expert surgery, medical care and specialist post-operative physio. I was very worried about the operation but it felt like I was in 5 star hands the whole way. Thank you!”

 – patient review on Google

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Why endoscopic surgery?

No general anaesthetic needed

Usually only sedation and local anaesthetic is needed

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Minimal trauma and tiny incision

No muscles are cut, bleeding and scarring is minimised

Lower risk of infection and complications

A minimal risk of infection, immediate or long-term complications

Home the same day as surgery

Most surgery is undertaken as a day-case procedure

Less post-operative pain

Endoscopic surgery means less pain through your recovery

Back to life quicker with faster recovery

Much faster recovery vs alternative surgical procedures