Resolving Back Pain

Resolving Back Pain:

This is the hard bit!

Back pain and Sciatica may be separate

  • Sometimes back pain and leg pain (sciatica) are caused by one problem such as a slipped disc and can be treated together
  • For patients with mostly or only pain in the back other causes and treatments need to be considered

Back pain can be complex

  • Several structures can be the source of back pain including:
    Facet Joints
    Sacro-Iliac Joints
    Trapped or scarred nerves
    Damaged intervertebral discs

MRI Scans are necessary but not sufficient

  • Scans rarely diagnose the source of pain directly
  • Most back pain patients will need diagnostic blocks, tests and provocations
  • InsightSpine are acknowledged experts in the techniques required for full diagnosis of back pain and can keep all of this management together “under one roof”

Resolving Back Pain: This is the hard bit!

    • InsightSpine have a proven track record in resolving back pain, where possible
    • A comprehensive range of treatments are needed and InsightSpine are able to offer a full range of options
    • InsightSpine are highly experienced in specialised treatments for the commonest causes chronic back pain including Coblation and DISC-FX.
    • In the few cases where additional surgery such as fusion is needed we will refer to selected colleagues

DISC-FX L4/5 with instrument in place for removal of disc nucleus.