News and Information

Mr Hess

May 24-26th
Appointed chairman of the 2019 SIS European Annual Meeting taking place in Munich.

Dr Hammond Forthcoming Teaching and Training.

September 22nd
Lecture entitled “Disc FX in the treatment of back pain. Results of Audit of 100 sequential cases in daily practice”. At the Slovakian Pain Society meeting, Prague.

September 28th
Attends the 2018 Cambridge Annual Medico-Legal Conference

October 5-6th
Teaching at the SIS lumbar skills lab. Iaonnou, Greece

October 19-20
Lecture entitled. “Not Fibromyalgia Syndrome” at the 4th Expert Pain Conference. Norfolk

October 26-27
Teaching. Birmingham Pain Course. Nottingham

November 26-28
Invited Lecture. Disc-Fx in back pain treatment. 3rd International Conference on Spine and Spinal Disorders. Dubai UAE

December 8-9
Invited speaker. 2nd Ultrasound Interventional Pain Conference. King’s College London.