Private Referrals: Most UK insurers require a letter of referral from GP, Specialist or other healthcare professional. Please discuss with your provider.
Self pay patients may self refer but it remains good practice to inform your GP.

NHS Referrals:

* Insight Spine treatments are accessible by NHS Referral but only for GPs within local CCGs who have specifically contracted with KIMS Hospital for these services.  Effectively this is selected CCGs within Kent not universal NHS access from any part of the country.
For GPs within local CCGs with contracts, for the most up to date list of services, please use the eReferal System.  Some services may not be directly accessible to GPs due to triaging rules set by individual CCGs.  If so, please include your recommendation for Dr Hammond or Dr Hess in the referral letter to the triaging service.  For further assistance, please see.   Help can also be obtained from the KIMS GP liaison team on 07710 307652

Our PA Michelle Burgess will be able to assist you with any further information. Contact her on: 01622 538093 or email:

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